6 Apr 2010

My Big Brown Friend

The first time I saw you,
I was just seven I remember.
You were bright and all new,
And you felt so smooth and smelt so fresh.
You told me many stories,
Of snow white and her seven dwarfs,
How the beast turned into prince,
The way princess kissed the frog.
My all time favourite was sleeping beauty,
But I just loved the long hair of Rapunzel.
My dreams were full of them,
Handsome princes on white horse haunted.
How I wished my little curls,
Could grow like that of fair Rapunzel.
The bright cute pictures had me gazing,
At the big brown book that was you.
I kept you with my favorite teddy
And waited for the prince to wake me from sleep.
I read you time and again, till don't know when,
Time did gallop and here I am,
Holding you in my big long hands,
Dusting off those cobwebs from your skin.
I fumble through the yellow pages,
And it gives me a smile to see my old heroes.
I'll keep you forever with my big thick books,
And read those fairytales long forgotten,
To awaken the sleeping beauty in me...