4 Mar 2011

My Bucket List

I was going through these weird lists that appear in various sites on books..
It lists the '100 (or 1000..number is a variable) books that you should read before you die'!! I thought maybe I should start making a list of the '10 things I want to do before I die'. So here I've jotted down my own bucket list..
Hold your breath, here it comes..

1) Read all or at least half of so called '100 books that you should read before you die'
    Okay.. Now that's a huge ambition but lets see if its gonna work out.

2) Learn Dancing!!
    People who know me will laugh at this point I know.. :(
    I belong to the category of  people who look hilarious while dancing. I always boast of being a lady with no regrets in life. But here I'm declaring my one and only regret - I quit my dancing class while in primary!In my kiddie days, my teachers had selected me as one of the students with a potential to become future 'bharathanatyam' exponent. Our dance teacher started training us and the difficult steps had me panting and puffing. Lazy me, as usual decided to quit. I cried and begged to my father for two days to let me quit. Finally I made him write a letter to our dance teacher stating that I'm not interested in learning dance. That was the day that I wish had never happened in my life. Who knows if I hadn't quit that day, I would have become the next Padma Subramanyam or Mallika Sarabhai by now! Its never late.. is it??? ;)
3) Learn Swimming!!
    I remember drowning at the water theme park,' Veegaland' as a kid! I've wanted to learn swimming ever since.With melting of glaciers, global warming, rising sea level blah blah and being a resident of Kochi which happens to be below the sea level, swimming will be a part of essential survival skills. Not that I'm dumb enough to think that I'll be able to swim to safety in case of a tsunami or flood. But Later on, I shouldn't feel that maybe I could have survived, if I had learned swimming!;) So there it goes.. right into my list.

4) Learn Spanish
    I love Spain and Spaniards. From Enrique to Nadal.. They are all so close to my heart.. I dunno why I like Spain.. maybe its because I was a Spaniard in previous birth.. :P Crazy but intriguing thought..

5) Travel a lot
    'Travel a lot' is a generic phrase that everyone uses. But I have two specific places of interest- Kashmir and Austria.
 Kashmir because I've heard so much about the place, its natural beauty and beautiful people.
 Austria because in my 7th standard I did a project on the country and I took so much pain into researching about the country that I fell in love with the place.When i read Heidi (one of my all time favorite books), I dream of the Alps and of Austria!

6) Watch a live opera performance
     I'm an ardent admirer of literature and art, especially the classics. I've heard a lot about operas and how magical the experience can be. I wanna attend an original opera performance sometime.

7) Social Service
    This should have come first on my list but I was feeling a bit weird putting it on top. Maybe because from where I stand now, it seems impossible.
Its a dream of mine to run an orphanage for poor,homeless kids.I just wanna give them all the love and care that is missing in their lives. 

8) Do something extremely adventurous and sporty
   I'm not the kind of person who likes taking risks. Adrenalin pumping activities- no way! But before I die,I wanna do something extremely adventurous!Paragliding,bungee jumping, rafting..anything dangerous and fun ;)



Okay.. Now I'm having trouble thinking up 9th and 10th point.. I've run out of ideas..
Maybe I'll leave it blank for my unformed wishes..!!