13 Oct 2016


I'm looking at me through the stained glasses of time
And I can see my adolescent younger self staring back 
You look so young and naive, I tell my younger shadow
You look tired and old is what she replies
The wrinkles on my skin are trophies of a million laughs
The saggy skin, a sign of all the adventures
The grey hair I acquired through my years of experience 
My beautiful body I traded for good times and wonderful adventures 
But on the road to autumn years, I lost my innocence somewhere
I searched wide and far, but gave up tired and somber
Tell me where my pretty little friend, can I find my soul
She leaned in closer, smiled and whispered so in my ear
On the path to great adventures and greater success
You lost your self to the reality of this world
But maybe my dear friend, its not that bad 
Maybe someone somewhere wrote, the garments you should loose
As you march on through the journey of life
Maybe you didn't loose yourself, maybe you didn't loose it all 
Maybe you should go in deep to come out on the other end
Maybe the path to self has a worldly chapter you must read
Maybe there is no right or wrong paths, just paths that we take
Wrong or right, simple or weird, destination is just one
Go where your heart takes you, take risks and take chances
Go fearlessly to places you wanna be, there is no right and no wrong
Just lessons learned and lessons to be learned
I stared in wonder at my self, what wise thoughts you bear
And here I thought my age taught me more
All the wisdom of the world is in you my dear friend, she said
You mask it with your maddening world and forget what you already know
I knew it in me all along but you had to find it on your own
And thats the beauty of this world, in plain sight it hides it all
And there I sat as pictures faded, leaving me with more clarity
Now I see my old withering self, but in a renewed light
Forward my tired limbs you march, the journey never ends
But rest in peace knowing the truth that all roads lead to thee..