25 Jun 2009

Congrats to the Pak Cricket Team

Pakistan won the T20 World Cup defeating Sri Lanka by 8 wickets! And I’m really happy!!! The speech given by Pakistan Captain Younis Khan was really touching. It was more of a plea to the world not to discriminate against Pakistan and their cricket because of terrorist threats. Well isn’t that true? Just because a few people are supporting terrorists should we treat all the people of the nation as terrorists? They are also humans like you and me. The only difference is that they were born in a land torn apart by terrorism. It’s our support and encouragement that they need to stand up against the forces that are destroying the sanctity of their homeland. And I’m totally against the idea that Islam is a bad religion and that all Muslims are terrorists. Islam is one of the most beautiful religions in the world. There are very few religions that can equal them in the case of dedication and goodwill.

I extend my heartfelt congrats to the Pakistan team and to its superb captain. Being the close neighbors of Pakistan and having shared a long history, I do feel that all Indians should give full support to the country. It might seem difficult to some who see Pakistanis as enemies (thanks to the umpteen number of films which portrays them as inhuman people) but don’t forget that behind all those grotesque pictures there is a mass of common people who want to extend a friendly hand.
I hope that at least in the coming years the cloud of mistrust will lift between the two nations and India and Pakistan will unite in spirit like the pre-partition era.

8 Jun 2009

A Tribute to Kamala Surayya

One of the most famed and talented writers of all time, Kamala Surayya passed away during the wee hours of 29th may.

I was not quite familiar with her works until recently when I got the opportunity to read her autobiography,’Ente Kadha’. Until then, she was just another familiar name often seen in newspapers. (I had one of her English poems to study in school) If I had seen her autobiography in a library, I would have never picked it up. It was my friend, Aswathy (who happens to be a great fan of Kamala Surayya) that prompted me to read it. The front cover of the book had the photo of a strikingly pretty and young Kamala. Her wind blown hair and modern attire seemed to match with her carefree life of contradictions and conflicts. Right from the first to the last, the book amazed me with its candid style.

Kamala was a lady of heart whose never-ending love story was against the social conventions. I respect the lady for her courage in laying bare things that people usually sweep under the carpet. She doesn’t try to portray an image of a homely girl, solely devoted to her husbands needs. Instead, she boldly speaks about her innermost feelings, desires and sexuality. Her story is a very eventful one and its the story of a lady who yearned for love and was ready follow her convictions and beliefs even if she had to face oppositions. To go with current is easy but to swim against it is a job of the bravest and Kamala Surayya was one such lady.