13 Feb 2012

Generosity Day!!

Wanna do something different this Valentine's day??

Join the MAD Rise Campaign and Celebrate V' day as GENEROSITY DAY!!

 One day of sharing love with everyone, of being generous to everyone, to see how it feels and to practice saying “Yes.” Let’s make the day about love, action and human connection

9 Feb 2012

Valentine's Day Bash..

Valentine's Day @ Mirror of Enlightenment

Feb 14 is fast approaching and so is the excitement surrounding the day. Lovers have already started making plans for the special day and those 'not so lucky singles' have either taken to fantasizing about a secret admirer or have decided to celebrate their single status. Whichever the category, everyone, even the people who call the day rubbish have started noticing a change in the atmosphere. Just look at the shops.. they are the first to get ready for any festivities.
During Onam, you can see the beautiful floral arrangements and pictures of 'maaveli' adorning the various shops.. Some even have these pot bellied, umbrella holding big guys waiting outside textile shops, ready to invite you in.
During Christmas, its colorful stars hanging in front of the shops that catch your attention. And of course Santa will be hanging around, entertaining the little visitors while their parents engage in Christmas shopping.

During Valentine's day, one shop everyone should make a point to visit is the gift shop. All the cute 'I Love You' teddies, heart pendants, heart clocks, picture frames, heart shaped squishy pillows.. these shops are filled with sooo many V day goodies that even people without any one special would start wishing for one. The magic of these shops.. Isn't it amazing how these people trick us into buying things that we never thought we would want? :D Sensible people have always argued that all this hype regarding valentine's day is nothing but a marketing trick of gift shops and greeting card industry. Why do we need a special day to celebrate love?? A very good point indeed. But does it matter if the card guys or the gift shop guys get some extra bucks by making us feel special and happy?? I wouldn't mind that! By spending money on gifts, cards or on setting up some gala party, if we can make someone feel special or if we get happiness out of it, I would call it money spend wisely.
Its the small things in life that make us happy.. and V day is a reminder of our love for each other. Sometimes in our busy lives, we forget to make the people we love, feel the intensity of our love  for them. Valentine's day is a day to remind them how much we love them and admire them. Its not a day for lovers alone.. its a day for friends, family..for everyone we love and hold closely to our heart. Its a celebration of warmth and love..a gentle reminder of everything that makes life worth living. Joy of giving is more pleasurable than joy of receiving. If a single rose can cheer up someone and make them feel special, why hold it back by slamming V day?? Laugh, love and live life without holding back your heart..