22 Jan 2011


Why am I writing this?? I don't have any idea..Maybe its because I have nothing else to do..But that's not true.I've got two tests,one assignment and a record to complete by Monday. But like all the other lazy days, today I'm in no mood to do any work. I don't feel sleepy and neither am I in a mood to read. So I thought, why not blog. But strangely my mind is blank.Do people write because they have something to say or do they write because of the want to write?
My 2011 diary is lying untouched on the table.I have nothing to fill it with. Life is eventful as usual but nothing is crossing the realm of mechanical work and entering my mind. All I really do all day is think, think and think. What am I thinking about? Mostly about dreams..about future..about life..

I have heard that dreams are a way of communication between God and man..Nature's signs to guide us.
I keep dreaming about a green meadow with a huge tree in the center, a blanket of clear blue sky and a smiling me running towards the horizon.If dreams do have meaning, I wish I knew the meaning of mine.

Future always look hazy, no matter how much ever we plan.With just two more semesters left before the end of my days as an engineering student, I can't stop wondering where I'll be two years from now.I'm not sure what I want to do after this. It helps that I have a long term plan and dreams to work for. But my short term goals are a bit temperamental.

I've been trying to understand this one word for a long time now..What is this life all about? Why are we here on earth? Why is it that some of us have all kinds of worldly riches,health and happiness while there are people with none of these?On what basis is this discrimination made? I've been trying to find answers. The idea of rebirth sounds appealing to me. Every deed that we do, good or bad gets recorded in the logbook of heaven and we get back the same in this life or the next. This would also mean that the cycle of life and death will go on. The people who have broken this cycle are the enlightened ones, the people who knew the ultimate truth of life.

Whatever these higher truths maybe, a good question to ask yourself will be,"What have I done with my life?"
My answer to this, " I gave lots of love and respect to the people around me!" might not fetch me an entry pass to heaven. But I don't care!It feels good knowing that I could give an answer!! I'm sure not all can say that with conviction.