22 Jun 2012

A Week without Mom

No one would ever recommend me for the title of 'Best Daughter'. I was never the perfect, caring or considerate daughter. Lazy, good for nothing and selfish would be a better description for me. I used to snuggle up in front of the tv for endless hours while my mom cooked, cleaned and did all the household activities. Kitchen was not my area of interest. Cleaning was tiresome and I had no time for any of it as I had to study! I never had any shortage for excuses. But all my excuses couldn't save me on that fateful day. My grandmother was sick and hospitalised and Mom had to stay with her.

Being the eldest daughter of the house, I was put in charge. For a day or two I will have to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. That sounds easy, I thought! It was easy, initially. Mom had made arrangements for everything. She cut up the vegetables, made dough and kept it all neatly in the fridge. I just had to put them all together and my Dad being the perfect Dad, was always there helping me. Two days went by and everything was fine. I made breakfast or if I was late, Dad made it. He and my sis would be off to work and school and I would make lunch, wash the dirty clothes and hang them in the line. Then I would relax in front of the tv or read something. In the afternoon I would pick the clothes, make tea and wait for everyone to come home. We would have tea, chat about the day's events and then I will be off to make dinner. We would merrily have dinner, clean and go to bed. Simple and perfect.

A week without Mom

But then my grandma's situation dint improve and Mom had to stay at the hospital longer than we expected. All the supplies that she had made and kept, had exhausted. Now I was on my own. I had to plan the three meals of the day, buy the ingredients, cut, chop, grind and make it.I would prepare and keep the things for breakfast ready, the previous night. Most of the days, Dad would make breakfast. I had to make lunch. What a tedious task it was. By the time I made lunch, it would be time for tea. Once tea was over, I had some time to relax before I had to start making dinner.I dint have time for anything else. Often I would skip lunch and concentrate on dinner. It dint help that I knew to make only a handful of things. I would be puffing and panting making something and when finally I present it to my sis, she would yell, "What? Again this same old thing? I don't wanna eat it!". My patience was being tested to its limits. I would glare at her controlling my urge to slap. Thank God for Maggie Noodles!All my health consciousness and diet management were thrown out of the window. Maggie was one thing that my sis would never say no to and it had become my new holy grail. By now, I had no time for washing clothes or cleaning house.Everything was in a mess. My temper was flying out of the window. To top it all, I caught a terrible cold. I thought I was gonna have a nervous breakdown. I just wanted to scream for Mom. Everyday I would pray hard for my Mom to come back and turn everything back to normal. After one long week she was back home. I was never this happy to see someone. I was crying in happiness at the sight of her.

I had learned my lesson! Mom is a miracle! Never ever under estimate her. I am still in awe of her. How the hell is she managing house and work so well? That too without complaining, even once?? I regret not having realized her importance earlier. But from now on I have decided to fully respect her and help her with all the work at home. One week without Mom was hell and it taught me a very important lesson- No one can ever ever replace the angel called MOM! She is simply the best!! :)