3 May 2012

Being Perpetually Happy

To be happy always, isn't that what everyone wants? Imagine if you could be perpetually happy.. life would be heaven. If there was some medicine for being happy, everyone would have bought a bottle. But unfortunately happiness is one thing that keeps eluding us. Of course not for all but that would be true for majority of us. Sitting at home practically doing nothing, I figured out a bit about happiness.

Being Happy@Mirror of Enlightenment

I have always thought that all I ever want to do is lie down on my sofa and watch TV all day long , read some good books in between and sleep sleep and sleep-my idea of a perfect happy life. And I got just that. I got to sit at home and watch tv for endless hours, got a few interesting books to read and I could just crawl under my blanket and sleep all day. But here is the surprising part - I hated it! Two days into my supposedly perfect happy life and I felt like I could smash the TV and get out. I thought I knew myself but I was wrong, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, again I was wrong. I've got this feeling that life is all about figuring out yourself. You learn a lot on the way.. make a lot of mistake and when you think you have finally figured out yourself..BANG! life throws another surprise at you and you are stranded..confused..wondering who you really are.. the game of life! The first and the most important rule of this game is NEVER BE AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES! Everyone makes mistakes, truck loads of them. Making mistakes is ok, good in fact, but not learning from them is the big mistake. One of the most sensible things I've ever heard anyone say is not to take yourself seriously.

Being happy is theoretically very easy - Connect to your heart. Every time your brain and heart quarrels, let your heart win. Don't listen to anybody else but your heart. Dream, dream and dream and never be afraid to chase them to the end of the world. Don't worry about the people warning you against this and that. If you want to do it, you got to do it. When you start living by your heart, giving wings to your dreams and your passion, happiness follows. You might not always succeed, but the journey is way too better than the destination. Take your time and enjoy it. Happiness is in the small things of life. Being happy is a lifestyle that you have to commit to. It takes courage and faith. So that's why I have decided that my days as a couch potato has ended. I am gonna follow my heart religiously and right now it is pointing towards my kitchen. ;) I am gonna master the art of cooking. I don't care if I don't become the next master chef or if I don't succeed in baking a cake to perfection. The joy of taking time and perfectly cleaning fish is way way better than watching my favourite serial! Because that is what my heart wants! :)


  1. Hi Neenu...very well said...completely agreed with you...be happy:):):)

  2. very well said--(ahem, cough...can I come to dinner?)

  3. Thanks Seema.. :)
    Bhavana, you can come to dinner.. but at your own risk! ;)

  4. Well written Neenu. I loved the way you have crafted the post. Its absolutely true as you mentioned that making mistakes is good in fact. No one in the history have ever become a master in any field without committing mistakes.

  5. Thanks Ganesh.. You are right, history is full of people who have made mistakes and learned from them!!