4 Oct 2012

The Krishna Key

Book:    The Krishna Key
Author:  Aswin Sanghi
My rating: 3.5/5

I had heard about this anthropological thriller by Ashwin Sanghi long before BlogAdda put it up for reviewing. So when I got an opportunity to review it, I was really excited. I haven't read Ashwin's previous books,The Rozabal Line and Chanakya's Chant, so I din't really know what to expect. The Krishna Key is a result of the author's extensive research and references alone take up 11 pages of the book.  I really appreciate the author for all that research and hardwork, its simply mind bogging. As for the story, it has a story line clouded by facts, but still manages to keep you hooked.

The story of Sri Krishna forms the backdrop. Intertwined with history and supported by archeological evidences and vedic literature, the book embarks on uncovering secrets hidden away for centuries.Was Krishna just a mythological character or is there more to him? Is it time for the prophesied next avatar of Krishna, Kalki? Was ancient Indian knowledge far more superior to our present day technologies? These are some of the questions which are posed in the book.

The protogonist Ravi Mohan Saini is a historian accused of murdering his close friend and leading symbolist and linguist, Anil Varshney. Anil was on the verge of a path breaking historical discovery when he was gruesomely murdered in his bedroom. A special seal believed to be linked with Krishna's era, one of a set of four, is stolen from Anil's room. It is upon Saini to prove his innocence and solve the mystery behind the seals. With the help of his student Priya, Saini embarks on a journey tracing the paths of history, while staying clear of the cops behind him and outwitting others who are desperate to get hold of the seal.

Ashwin can aptly be called Dan Brown of India. The book will totally change our perspective on the puranas. Through simple and effective language, Ashwin manages to keep the readers hooked. But the author is so eager to list out all the fantastic historic proofs and conspiracy theories that he discovered during his research that, the plot slips away. This book is excellent as a documentary but doesn't impress as a fiction thriller.There are a lot of errors in the book and it could have gone through better proof reading. If you have an interest in the Vedic era, our mythologies and like a lot of facts and conspiracies, this book will be an engrossing read, go for it! If history and facts bore you to death, you might want to skip this book.

A very well researched and well marketed book which could have turned out better with a stronger and more impressive story line.The author Ashwin Sanghi really deserves applause for his research! :)

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