24 Aug 2014

Yearning For Home

The wind of this land can touch nothing but my bare skin
The rain that falls softly just cools my tired limbs
Birds here sing sweetly but their language I do not know
The land my feet touches, crunches in a strange whisper

The people smile broadly here and land stretches beyond sight
The food and the drinks whet my appetite but doesn't quench the fire
My eyes keep searching for that bright array of in-congruent colors
My ears can't stop listening for those blaring horns and tingling bells

I love this land that feeds me but its not home
I love the people, the food and the warm greetings but its not home
I love the birds, the dogs and the kittens but this is not home
I can leave my body and soul here but my heart is far away, in my home


  1. Penetrating and melancholic..Wonderful lines Neenu :)

  2. Thank You Nagini. I'm so happy to see a comment from you on my blog! :) :)