27 Sept 2009

Three Cheers to ISRO

ISRO has made India proud once again with the discovery of water molecules on the surface of moon. Chandrayan along with NASA’s payload, ‘Moon Mineralogy Mapper’ has made a breakthrough discovery, which is going to give a new vigor to our space odyssey.
Astronauts of future will be able to extract water from moon and use hydrogen to fuel their rockets and oxygen to breathe. Moon can also serve as transit point for our inter-planetary missions. The discovery is also a great boost to our search for water on other planets. A new theory is being formulated on the planets where the probability of finding water is high. According to this theory, planets with silicon compounds on their surface have an edge over the others.
Third World War is predicted to be for water and finding water on any other celestial body gives the scope for hoping that maybe, just maybe, this will extend the lifespan of human race a little further.

The entire crew of ISRO needs special applause! They have reaffirmed to the world, the superior quality of our scientific community and technical capabilities. The nation is proud of you and we hope ISRO will be able conquer space not only for India but also for the welfare of the entire human race.

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