18 Oct 2009

Pain of those Silent Nights

Last day shuffling through old books I found this poem that i had written a few years back.
Hope you guys like it...

Alone in the darkness of the night,
I cry to the pillow my only mate.
The moon in the sky was never so dim,
Neither did the stars wink as they had.
For my pain of the silent nights,
Took away the charm of the night.
Stop I can’t that’s all I can say,
The cool breeze forgot this sweet friend of his,
The mourning soul, writhing in pain.
My heart is broken and my eyes are swollen,
Didn’t know when I stopped living.
Dragging my lifeless limps,
I exist just for those haunting memories.
It pains a lot to think of the past,
But can’t just forget them that’s all I know.
My suffering soul exists just for the spring.
I wish this winter would die soon,
Taking away those painful nights.
I wish the spring would come to light up my nights
Better be fast I beg you my dear…

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