2 Dec 2010

Christmas !!!

Its December... Yipeeee...
My favorite month of the year. Come December and I walk around humming Christmas carols. Just hearing the word 'December' invokes such a lot of colorful and happy memories. Christmas trees, Santa Claus, green,red and silver color combination, gifts, chocolates, cakes, Christmas carols, Christmas feasts, oh my god, I can go on and on and on..

The best part of Christmas is that I get to see all my scattered family members-uncles, aunts, cousins, grandma. Its a milieu of celebration and chaos at my ancestral home as everyone comes home to celebrate.

During my school days, Christmas celebration was something that everyone looked forward to, though during the last few days of my schooling they took away the tradition of a whole day celebration and shrunk it to a few hours,it was fun. In school, every celebration was like a tradition. No one had to be given an itinerary. Everyone knew the programs, it would be the same every year - carol singing, bible reading, play on the birth of Jesus, speech by the chief guest and the arrival of Santa Claus.I loved carols and it was a dream of mine to sing in one of those. But sadly, teachers always chose me for the job of reading verses from the bible. It was a boring job considering the fact that you had to read the same part year after year. I would have happily joined the carol singers. So a few days back,when my sister made the declaration that she is going to sing carol at school, I couldn't help feeling jealous. Alas, she got to live my dream!
One of my fond memories of Christmas celebration at school is that of my friend, Arjun who dressed up as Santa Claus one year. Unlike the usual clumsy Santa Clauses before him, he dint settle for waving a hand or shaking a leg. He went on to do a full fledged break dance accompanied by rigorous shaking of his artificial tummy. It was hilarious and even our normally cross Principal couldn't help laughing. A miracle in our words! :)

Christmas celebration at college is a different affair. After all the speeches from Chief Guests, Principal, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and all other dignitaries, its show time for the freshers. Christmas programs are done by the first years who put up dance, skit and various other programs amidst deafening howls, whistles and catcalls from seniors.
I could fill a book with my memories on Christmas. How we slept off when the Carol people came home to sing and how funny it was when we all got out of home puffy eyed to open the gate for them. How we had a girl's day out during Christmas and the guys of the family made the Christmas feast.

I'm all excited as the countdown for Christmas begins. I hope even you guys will have an amazing time.
Wishing you all a very happy and memorable Christmas!!
Have Fun.. :)


  1. Hi Neenu, Happy to visit your blog. I enjoyed reading "about me" section on your blogger page which made me to remember my college days because some of those qualities are matching mine. Happy Christmas and Happy New year in advance. Thanks for the comment to my blog post.

  2. nice memoire this . .n who stopd u writng a buk. .!kp writng. .gud 2 c depth of hapins tis month brings in u. .may tis xmas b a brightr patch. . .
    I did go thru most of ur previous posts. .i thot u wer vigilant abt suroundings til late last yr n nt so much l8ly. .ya,tist!bt love jihad,zoo zoo wr al gud reads. . .i shud also cnfs abt my inability 2 njoy a poem or stuf lyk ur room,slytly dreamy. . .purely my prob. .n gud dat u cn fantasize at such litle tings. . .kp going. . .hi5. . .

  3. Thanx minu, pdkamath n ikka..