1 Apr 2009

The Monk who Sold his Ferrari

Today I’ll tell you guys about the book I’m reading right now- ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma. It had first caught my attention when it topped the Bestseller list some time ago. Way then I liked the title and the Indian ness in the author’s name. Like all Indians, my heart too gets stuck easily with internationally acknowledged ‘Indian makes’. I did hear that the book dwelt a lot on spirituality and that made me more interested (You see, spirituality is my latest field of interest).

I loved those praises showered on India and her philosophies. There where a lot of motivating and really exciting concepts in the book. The kind of stuff you read in the Indian spiritual texts but with a very modern approach. ‘The heart of the rose technique’ sounds good. But that’s not one for me. Can’t waste money on buying a rose everyday (The price of flowers are rocketing as if recession really got there too). I often use a more simple way for meditation. When I feel really bored or stressed out, I start counting down from 100 to 0, visualizing each number. If I’m really feeling crazy, I try out counting from 200 or even 300.I find it very effective for me. It helps me fill the voids with meditation. You don’t need any specific time or place for doing it. When I get bored waiting for bus or when I’m feeling really sleepy on a lecture hour I use this.
The book on a whole is a lot of ideas rolled into binds with a few characters strewn across it. If you are really into philosophy and spirituality or need a bit of boost, you might like this one.I wish the author could just give us a break once in a while to empty our cup.;)

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