19 Oct 2009

Animation Movies

Recently, I saw two animation movies- ‘Bolt’ and ‘Madagascar, Escape 2 Africa’.

I had wanted to watch ‘Bolt’ ever since I watched its trailer on TV. The trailer had this super dog, Bolt on a chase with some ruffians. The dog used its super powers to defeat the villains. It was a really cool trailer and it made me eager to watch the movie. So, I sat down expecting some really awesome animations. The beginning was nice with the chasing scene and all. Then we realize that the dog actually has no super powers and that its merely acting in a movie with everyone except Bolt knowing the truth. Through precisely timed action sequences and effects the dog is lead to believe otherwise, so that the crew can capture the real emotions on his face. Never having left the sets and always under the care of his beloved master, Penny, Bolt suddenly finds himself lost in the busy city with all the strange creatures of the street. Still believing to be invincible, he ends up in some trouble. This part was quiet boring with the dog taking an incredible lot of time to realize the truth. But from the part where he meets the rowdy cat, Mittens and strikes up friendship, there was no stopping the movie from getting good. It was really cute to see Mittens teaching Bolt how to be a normal dog. Along with a hamster, Rino, the two embark on an adventurous journey to Hollywood. The story ends with Bolt back with his beloved Penny living the life of a normal dog along with his two buddies, Mittens and Rino.


‘Madagascar, Escape to Africa’ is the story of a dancing lion from New York zoo going on an adventurous journey with his friends, a zebra, a giraffe and a hippo. He ends up in his homeland in Madagascar and meets his long lost parents. The movie has its moments but overall it could be termed as a slapstick comedy.

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