21 May 2009

Reading-My passion

I’ve been a voracious reader right from my childhood. As a child I used to love reading storybooks. I’ve often heard my mom recollecting how I used to cry for storybooks when other children wanted chocolates and toys. The world of books has always fascinated me. As they said in ‘Namesake’, “Books let you travel without moving an inch”. They take you across unseen lands and give you a treasure trove of knowledge on any topic. I’ve often wondered how much those people who don’t read are missing out.
One of the best things that could have happened to me was a life long membership in EMS Co-operative library at the age of 10. When I first got a membership there it was just a one-roomed library in the second floor of EMS Co-operative bank and now it has grown into a full-fledged library with all modern facilities. I still remember the first set of books I took from there- ‘The tale of twin cities’,’ Black Beauty’ and ‘Jane Eyre’. I used to love the time spend there among rows and rows of books. And I think it was from that time that I started of dreaming about a library of my own. With ceiling high shelves filled with books on all topics. Those days I used to be a great admirer of English classics (I still love them! My all time favorite books are, ‘Heidi’, ‘Black Beauty’ and ‘Anne of Green Gables’. I never get tired of reading them!) And so my dream library had the English touch with Victorian style furnishings. I even dreamed about having a secret room hidden behind one of the shelves where I would retire for a peaceful reading, far from all disturbances (I think I got that idea from Famous Five).
My school also provided me with an excellent collection of books. My library teacher, Jayashree miss was a good reader and a lady of a strong and impressive personality. She was very strict that we should not confine ourselves to reading just one genre of books.
She encouraged us to read more of classics than Enid Blyton. She also made us write summaries of the books we read and the difficult words in the book and its meaning. It helped us a lot in improving our vocabulary and writing skill. I still have this habit of writing summaries of the books I read. I owe a lot to my wonderful teacher who guided us through the world of books. Thank you Jayashree miss for molding my reading habits and nurturing my love for English language. (If I weren’t into engineering, I would have definitely become an English teacher!)
My friend circle has always been one of book lovers. Discussions on books have always thrived in my gang. Though initially very supportive, the attitude of my parents towards my reading habits changed as I grew up. Can’t blame them! If I get into a book, I forget everything else. I used to smuggle book into bathroom and spend hours reading them (my parents never really figured out why I was taking so much time for bathing!) I’ve even spend the entire night reading Harry Potter, cleaverly hidden under my textbooks. But the net effect was that my father banned all books except the texts in my room! But rules are to be broken and I manage to get hold of a book or two once in a blue moon, courtesy to my very benevolent friends!
A cup of coffee, whiff of fresh air and an interesting book is all I need to be happy in this world!!

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