9 May 2009

Model Exam

Finally my model exams are over and my college has closed for study holidays! Its bye to two weeks of hectic schedules, sleepless nights and alarms!

Being a last minute learner there are a few things that I’ve noticed

1)Your brain works really well during the exam time. The rate of learning increases manifold. The portions, which might take weeks to understand suddenly become clear with a glance the day before exam.

2)The love of sleep seems to vanish all of a sudden. You start counting the number of waking hours left before the exam and devise ways to maximize it.

3)It’s the last minute learners who really realize the value of time. Every minute counts before the day of the exam. Even while eating, I keep my books near me so that even those few precious minutes don’t go waste. (Well I even go to bed with books hoping some fairies would transfer the contents into my head while asleep!!

4)This is the best part. After the hard work, we are the ones who enjoy the breaks after the exams to the maximum. After weeks of dreaming about it finally we catch up on all those sleep and missed TV programs.

Proud to be a last minute learner!!

[P.S: I wont disagree to the fact that it has lot of side effects too. Stress, tension, disrupted daily routines etc. But without these life would loose its charm. I believe that it’s these small difficulties that make life worth living.

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