27 May 2009

Fun time is over!

A month of good time is finally over! Just 5 more days to go before the end of my study hols. Then my university exams begin. It’s been a really short month with hours and hours of TV, sleeping, reading and browsing.
As somebody rightly said, the 8 things that a normal student does during study hols are:
1) Sleeping
2) Eating
3) sms
4) Roaming
5) TV
6) Movie
7) Dreaming of touching books
8) Asking others if they have started studying!
Well, that’s exactly what happened in my case too. I had made a really good timetable for studying with ample time for fun also. But I was never good at keeping a timetable and as usual, within 2 days the whole schedule went topsy- turvy (Except for the fun part).
My daily routine for the month was something like this.
9.00am - Wake up time.
9.30am - Breakfast.
10.00am -Back to bed.
11.30am -Wakes up.
11.30-12.00pm -Opens book and flips pages.
12.00-1.00pm -Fights with sis and hangs around mom.
1.00-3.00pm -Matinee (If the movie is bad, there is always Disney channel to count on with superb shows like Art Attack, Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana etc.)
3.00-4.00pm -opens book and sleeps.
4.00-5.00pm - TV time and time to make tea (The one thing that I’m good at making!)
5.00-6.00pm - Tea time
6.00-7.30pm - TV again.
7.30-9.00pm - Opens book.
9.00-9.30pm - Dinner.
9.30-11.00pm- Reads newspaper and then off to bed.

Significant change in the events occurred only twice, during combined studies. Those where the only days when I really sat down and studied. Studying with friends is the best way for lazy bones like me but I was too late in realizing its potential! When you study along with friends, learning becomes interesting and fun. I regret for not planning more of combined studies this time. But next time around, I’m going to utilize my study hols in a better way for sure! (that is if we get study hols next time!)

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